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Here is a woman who has left an indelible mark upon my heart along with thousands of my rainbow sisters. Every time she looked at me I knew she saw more than I saw in myself. She was a brilliant and just leader, she cared for others as if they were family and was careful and honorable friend. She brought light to all of Rainbow's teachings. While traveling together I asked why did you pick me for this office? She simply said "it was where you were meant to be." Thank you Mrs. Martin for the laughs, guidance, and an eternity of love. You will never slip from my memories and I can promise I will still come to you when I need encouragement and guidance. All my love, Until we meet again.
Nicollette Clark

Thank you Sara Lee for all you have done to make the world a better place. God Bless you and your family.
Jeff Dotson

May God bless you and your family and hold you right in the palm of his hand.thank you for letting your precious Sara Lee share her love and light with California Rainbow.she will be forever in our hearts.
Victoria Lamar-Haas

This picture totally depicts the love this wonderful couple shared every day. How truly blessed they were as I am to have known and shared so many fond memories with them and their family.
Joyce Talmachoff

Taylor Thomas - profile picture

If you feel, as I do, the world has lost a tremendous light in the world today- we all must fight to keep it lit. What we do from this day onward, in memory of a loved one, will make a memory a living legacy. Through your tears, pay it forward. Your life keeps the light of our loved ones lit for the world to see. Be the light.
Shannyn Allan

We lost a woman today who gave me the greatest gift...so many amazing additions to my family. She gave me sisters, moms, dads and mentors. My heart aches, but the life
I lead today is a testament to the love she had to give and I remain forever changed. If you're reading this- Sara Lee probably brought you into my life... What an amazing gift- this family.

Shannyn Allan

  Pooh said it best: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."
Today was full of reflection, recalling sweet memories, and feeling deep gratefulness for having had her brought into my life and for her having brought so many more into mine. Her legacy will be grand.

Hillary Hall McMillan

There is a huge hole in my world with the loss of an amazing woman today. I've never been able to thank you enough for the impact that you've had on life, for all the smiles and laughter and people that you've brought to me.Your influence is felt every day and I know you will continue to help your youngest one out in every way that you can. Until we meet again Sara Lee Martin, limitless love from your Baby GWA.
Taylor Thomas

Caroline Gill - profile picture
Theresa Nicole Myers

I could not possibly be more grateful for all the love you showed us, Sara Lee Martin. You gave me sisters. There is no greater gift. Thank you for all the smiles and joy. You will be missed forever.
Candace Jowers


Tears stream down my face as the world lost an amazing woman to a battle with pancreatic cancer this morning. She was a mentor, a role model, someone to talk to, a huge supporter to so many! No words to describe how much she did. A stellar woman. Sara Lee Martin- I love you!!!!! Heaven got a new angel. Until we meet again. ....
Erin Holland Yates

There are no words to describe my gratitude and love for this amazing lady. While our hearts are sad today, I know you will continue to be a part of us for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the greatest experience of my life, and for being kind to the quiet little 13 year old on her first big trip away from her family in Chicago and Washington DC. You are one of the treasures in my Pot of Gold. golden love, until we meet again.
Tiffini Shierts

Here is a woman that will be forever missed. She impacted my life in so many ways, California rainbow is forever in your dept. thank you for being you and sharing your life with us and devoting it with your many years of service. This is one of my favorite memories with you and I'm forever grateful to say I knew you, until we meet again.
Maggie May

Prayers Kent to you & your family. Your Mom was quite a lady. Loved & respected by all who knew her. Thank you for sharing her with us for all these years... Gone but not forgotten, always in our hearts!
Charlotte Shaefer

Your mom was such a beautiful person. I will never forget her smile, what an amazing teacher she was, and the lessons that she taught me. I am sorry for your loss, and will continue to pray for your family.
Suzanne Welty

Heartbroken when I opened my facebook to find one of my favorite people passed away. I am so thankful and lucky to have had this women in my life she will be so deeply missed and I'm so sad rylee didn't get to meet her. Until we meet again Mrs martin I'll love you forever. Forever in my heart .💕 She was such an inspiration and I am so thankful that she gave me the opportunity to serve one of the best years of my life. I will always be Your Tina.
Christina McCormick

Some people walk into your lives and leave footprints on your heart. Today one of my biggest role models became an angel. You inspired me to do my best, you encouraged me when I doubted my self. You connected a group of girls who soon became sisters. You changed not only my life but thousands of lives. I'm saddened of your passing but I am at peace knowing you are smiling and laughing. I will never forget that smile or laugh. Thank you for being you.
Brittney Clements


A wonderful lady who encouraged, uplifted and changed so many lives. She will be truly missed. She was one of a kind and I am so glad to have known her. Until we meet again.
Bethany Burke

Mrs. Martin, you gave me the opportunity of a lifetime! You were always so kind hearted, happy and a joy to be around. The fact that you have no more pain is easing but the thought of never seeing you again is heartbreaking. Until we meet again!
Vanessa Creaser


Heaven has gained a most wonderful person. My heart is heavy, but I know she is with God.
Mark Read

Today California Rainbow lost their sunshine! Mrs. Sara Lee Martin you will be so missed and you were loved by so many. All my llamarific love.
Kelly Murphy

Mrs. Martin Till we meet again.
Jim Kamariotis

Karen Rice Hester - profile picture (with Claire Hester)
Shelby Zimmerman - profile picture
Dina Myers - cover photo

Today the world lost a woman that gave beyond measure to an organization that helped develop who I am today. Thank you Mrs. Martin for believing in me to represent our color organization and giving me a group of sisters that will always makes me smile when I think about our kinetic energetic year. You will forever be missed and I will always be grateful.
Lindsey Ross

There are no words to explain how incredibly grateful I am that I was able to meet this wonderful, talented, selfless, caring woman. I can't believe she is gone, she has changed so many girls and adults lives. I thank God everyday for the ways that this woman has impacted my life. She saw things in me that I never could imagine. Heaven gained a true angel today.
Rachel Trickett

Molly Gapper - profile picture
Sarah Smithson - profile picture
Her smile, laugh, hugs, words of wisdom & encouragement will forever be in my heart.
Monica Trickett
Jenny Orozco - profile picture

Heaven gained another angel today. I remember how excited Mrs Martin was when she found out that I finally joined rainbow. Then I was one of her last grand officers. She was a woman with such a beautiful spirit full of love, compassion and grace. I remember so many moments of laughter with her. Words haven't been invented to express my love and gratitude towards this woman who changed my life.
Piper Riley

from Mary Alynn Fallon
from Mary Alynn Fallon

It's incredible how much a person can make an impact on you. Mrs. Martin you gave me not only the best year of my life with the people I will cherish forever, but the best 8 years of being apart of something bigger than me. I'm so happy you're out of pain, yet so saddened to not see your face traveling up and down California. You will truly be missed.
Victoria Scherer

033 Thanks for touching every single family you came in contact with. Heaven gained a bright star. I know we are grieving on earth but you are surrounding us with you love forever.
Jenn Rose

Marysville assembly, circa 2008 when we were all awkward and just little kids and Mrs. Martin still sat down and talked to us like we were the most important people in the room. She always had amazing OV remarks, many of which I still think about to this day. She inspired me to be a better leader and a better person, no matter what position or title or office. She was a wonderful lady.
Danielle Lavy

I thank God every day that you were brought into my life. You have changed me forever.
Shelby Zimmerman

For those of you who know me, know that I am rarely at a loss for words. I have struggled all day to express my grief for the loss of our dear Sara Lee Martin. Every time I start to write a loving tribute, I stop and imagine her looking down on all of us with her infectious smile and speaking her words of wisdom with her "fairy godmother" voice. It seems like yesterday she was sharing my grief at the loss of my sister, ironically from the same cancer that eventually took her life. Instead of being grief stricken, I feel compelled to thank her for all of the gifts she graciously gave to California Rainbow-including her amazing depiction of a leprechaun at Grand Assembly in 2008! I will miss you deeply and will cherish the time we spent together. Until we meet again...
Victoria Lamar-haas

Chy'anne Smock - profile picture

As I let my tears go down my face to hear the sad news of Mrs.Martin's passing, I think of these times that she gave me the gift of being a Dolphin with my officer sisters and be my sisters' Grandie how my life has changed since she got in it. I will miss her dearly, all my TreasuredTeapot.
CyndeeJo Rodriguez

Thank you for all your love, laughter, and encouragement! The list of your influences and wisdom go on and on!
Robyn Drivere

I didn't realize that last year at WA ID Grand Assembly was going to be the last time that I would be able to spend quality time with you Mrs. Martin. I truly enjoyed the numerous donuts we made in the hotel parking lot and all of our chats in the car while driving to the stadium. You were truly an amazing woman that has touched my life and the lives of the California Rainbow Girls in many ways. My heart just fills with sadness to know that you are no longer with us and are now with the lord.
Karina Mash

At Nevada Grand Assembly 2014 from Jeff Askins

This is my first installation as Worthy Advisor for my beloved Yorba Linda Assembly. I am the one in the middle, Sara Lee is standing next to me, Sandy Tanner Van Cleve is behind her, Lisa Miller (and I don't know her by her married name),and Lee Anne Kallen is also behind me. Unfortunately, my mind is not doing well because I am tired, so if you can PLEASE tag anyone else in this picture.

Anyway, we in Yorba Lind...a Assembly LOVED having Mrs. Martin around! She was kind, always supportive of us, her and her beloved husband brought their children with them to everything that they went to. And this was (I think) the installation I had where one of Sara Lee's children, ran out in the middle of the room while my installation was going on and either started dancing or decided they needed to add something to the day. Either way it was funny. I will ALWAYS miss her because to me, she was the kindest, most WONDERFUL adult that Yorba Linda Assembly had. And when I found out later in her Rainbow journey that she was Supreme Deputy, I was EXCITED because someone from the small town of Yorba Linda was in charge of California Rainbow Girls. I will ALWAYS love and miss you Mrs. Martin. Until we meet again, I will miss you SO MUCH!!
Winnie Michaud Tresaugue


Sara Lee Martin, In the ages long ago, and in the future yet to be, Green light of everlasting life, reveals Immortality. I love you so, SLM.
Kathleen Tucker

from Kaylee Mustard
from Jenni Orozco

Yesterday as I was walking with my family, I received what at first I felt was horrible news. Mrs. Sara Lee Martin, our past Supreme Inspector in CA had passed away from that horrible disease cancer. After my first cry, I hugged my girls and thought some more. The news turned from horrible to one of comfort because she is no longer suffering from what I imagine was excruciating pain. She was a strong, powerful, respected, loyal, woman and so many lives were touched by her. My sister showed me this quote to help give my daughters and I comfort, so when we look up at the stars we will know that so many great women are looking down on us. Sara Lee, you will be missed. Until we meet again!!
Mary Sperry

from Ashley Shockley
from Ashley Shockley

Thank you for always smiling and being down to earth. Until we meet again...
Jeanne Gapper

What an amazing impact one person can have! I'm so proud to have been just one of Sara Lee's grandies. No she didn't appoint me but she (and Jenni Orzoco) made me realize that even VERY past Rainbow girls will always be a part of the Rainbow family. Thank you, Sara Lee, for Terena Goode's appointment. I'm glad I could provide you with entertainment that evening. You really had too much fun teasing me about my reaction for a long time after. Now Terena and I will always... be grandies, too. This picture was the 2014 PGO walk at Grand Assembly. This week at the PGO walk I cried as I realized you wouldn't be with us in the future. You shaped California Rainbow with Love, kindness, vision and Service. You personally helped restore my faith that Rainbow still strives to be above the rest. Your foresight and leadership restored more than one Assembly to the true Rainbow principles. God bless you, Sara Lee and your wonderful family who shared you so unselfishly for so many years. Until we meet again.
Pat Kelly Djubek

Thinking of Sara Lee Martin and the amazing year that I had with her as a Koala
Diana Gill

"May the good lord bless and keep you, until we meet again." Thank you for seeing that little something extra in all of us.
Laura Dunn

from Becky Schmal
Claire Hester - profile picture