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SERVICE: Rainbow Girls are dedicated to service. They run so that others may walk; they swim so that someone else might hear; they wash cars so that others might have freedom from a wheelchair; they have bake sales so that a child may have the breath of life; they wash dishes so a child may go to camp. California Rainbow Girls have worked to serve others, earning over $1,000,000 in the past 14 years. Their reward for service is that indescribable feeling within one's heart when we've made someone else happy in attaining our own goal.

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Scottish Rite Childhood Language Centers in California.

Program Philosophy
We are committed to providing quality services to young children with speech and language disorders. Our primary goals are 1) early identification and treatment of language disorders and 2) facilitating family involvement in this process.

We believe early intervention can help prevent a speech and language disorder from developing into a lifelong handicap. In addition, it can help curtail the development of secondary language delays such as behavior, emotional, and learning problems.

Families are involved in every stage of treatment. Through observations of therapy sessions and discussing intervention with the therapist, parents learn how to promote speech and language skills during daily interactions.

Therapy is conducted within the context of developmentally appropriate activities such as playing with toys, sharing books, and using computers. This makes therapy fun and motivating for the child.

2014 $59,067.06

We believe every child needs a champion. Though a cooperative form of soccer open to all, we provide the positive mentors children need to make life transforming choices.

2013 $72,300.18

Barry Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary & Educational Center

A non-profit organization dedicated to Education and Conservation

2012 $74,031.14
The San Diego Adaptive Sports Foundation’s mission is to improve the quality of life for children and adults with physical disabilities through sports and recreation. SDASF works to coordinate and foster a program of adaptive sports for individuals with a permanent physical disability that prevents them from participating in regular sports and athletics by providing competitive league sports, recreational team sports, instructional camps, and sports clinics, and offers other adaptive sports based on need and interest.

The major goal of SDASF is to provide these individuals with the benefits that come from sports and athletics including

  • Reaching and maintaining a healthy weight
  • Building improved strength and cardiovascular health
  • Learning the benefits of teamwork and working for the greater good
  • Learning to accept and benefit from coaching and discipline
  • Reaching greater independence and self reliance
  • Achieving greater self esteem and confidence
  • Improving socialization skills and experiences
  • Encouraging academic achievement
  • Developing responsibility, accountability and respect for others.
2012 80 pints of blood Kassie & Karson Lee Memorial Blood Drive  
2011 $66,256.20 .
2011 103 pints of blood Kassie Lee Memorial Blood Drive  
2010 $71,038.39 .
2009 $80,750.88 .
2008 $89,136.73

2007 $85,385.44 Additionally, 859 pints of blood were donated by Rainbow members and supporters to various blood banks during the year. .
2006 $74,809.00 .
2006 $25,200.00
Additional value of items donated for care packs. .
2005 $88,450.62
2005 $339,500.00

Value of hair donated.

2004 $90,907.16
2003 $108,567.11 .
2002 $2597.60 Special Donation to the New York Widow's and Children's Fund  
2002 $106,306.77 .
2001 $94,566.82 Dedication of Rainbow Room on Valentines Day, February 14, 2004 .
2000 $100,787.14 .
1999 $85,876.37 .
1998 $82,663.78 .
1997 $80,845.98 Sacramento Unit Link .
1996 $76,090.69 .
1995 $76,025.43

1994 $67,000.00 .
1993 $73,650.56 .
1992 $81,190.22 .
1991 $80,552.54 .
1990 $87,090.54 .
1989 $104,553.50 .
1988 $108,160.08 .
1987 $96,069.00  



1986 $102,000.00 .
1985 $114,787.00 .
1984 $79,000.00 .
1983 $65,000.00 .
1982 $62,835.00 .
1981 $46,000.00

Grand Service Project funds were split betweeen:
Cystic Fibrosis $30,000
Camp Haromony - California Rainbow Camp $16,000

1980 $41,701.79 Camp Harmony - California Rainbow Camp
(fund currently helps girls attend camp)
1979 $51,187.95 .
1978 $35,000

California Rainbow Scholarship Fund &
Special Service to someone in need - 27,000 hours
Muscular Dystrophy Association (special project)
1977 $30,000 .
1976 $37,000
Purchased school bus for transportation for deaf children to the State School for the Deaf in Berkeley.
A donation to the John Tracy clinic in Los Angeles.
Purchased a cell separating machine for a hospital in San Francisco in honor of Charla Garden, Past Grand Honorary Drill Leader, who died from leukemia.
1975 $22,000 .
1973 service hours .
1972 $ .
1971 $7000 (approx.) Aseltine School for neurologically handicapped children - donated 2 specially equipped 15-passenger vans, playground equipment, sewing machines, typewriters and various other items. Also, assisted with swimming lessons.
from Marlys Martin Perovich, PGWA on 3/30/2006:
"I just saw the paper work for the van the other day. We actually bought two 15 passenger vans and each was about $3,300. Boy those were the days. So I think our grand total was about $7000, plus donations and volunteer time. We didn’t add up service points back then, just on an individual assembly (girl) count and we didn’t ask for them. Now Aseltine is a big school and has regular buses. Hmmm…I wonder where our little bus went." See you soon…Marlys
1967 $ .
1966 $5900 from Pat Chinn Schlichting, PGWA on 3/30/2006:
"My year we raised $5,900 for a swimming pool lift at the Washington School in Los Angeles. The lift made it possible for wheelchair bound students to participate in water therapy. Today, that sounds like such a small amount. But, it was the most ever raised and I was so proud of my assemblies for giving so generously. To relate the amount raised - that was the same amount that I received as a salary for my first year teaching. I still remember going to the school and giving them the check. The staff was so appreciative. I will never forget the feeling I had nor the experience. I was one very proud Rainbow girl - that I belonged to an organization that could in some way, change lives."
1964 $ .
1963 $3,875 .
1962 $4,120 Playground equipment for the Sunshine School in San Diego .
1961 $4,300
Casa Colina (a nine-passenger station wagon)
Casa Colina (for insurance and maintenance)
1960 $4,000 .
1959 $4,400 Butte County Schools handicapped and hearing impaired children .
1958 $5,000 Janice Allen Fund (eye operation) .
1957 . . .
1956 $3,500 Landscaping for Hillside House, a cerebral palsy facility in Santa Barbara  
1955 . . .
1954 . Janice Allen Fund .
1953 . Community service .
1952 . A Grand Piano for Supreme Headquarters in McAlester, Oklahoma .
1951 . Layettes for Navajo babies in conjunction with the Save the Children Foundation .
1950 . . .
1949 . Janice Allen Fund began
(from a Mother Advisors report: "The report given by Mrs. Smith for the blind baby shwos $3,600 in donations received. A trust fund has been formed and all legal actions have been taken to care for this child. She is in the hands of an aunt and no one of the family can use this money only through the trust fund, and if the baby should pass away the money will be rturned to those who donated it or out in trust for a similar case and all monies raised for a specific case in Rainbow must be used for that and that alone." " A request was made by Mrs. Cooper for each Assembly to donate $5.00 toward the OES home for an addition, before the first of October. Also she asked taht we purchase five doll heads and make and dress them for the Navajo Indian children."
1948 . Grand Assembly charitable undertakings and
Veteran's Home at Yountville, CA
. Wheel chairs (about 100) for disabled WW2 veterans. .
1945 . . .
1944 . These were difficult times and Rainbow activities were limited due to the curtailed transportation situation. Our projects were aimed at winning the war and helping the service men. We didn't have one project, but each assembly did as much as possible. After Official Visits, we would go to the USO and help entertain the service men. Why, the Grand Officers even wore defense stamp corsages!
(POG, GA issue 1962)
1941 . "My official visit messages were devoted to appeals to help by buying war bonds and stamps, or by serving or entertaining at USO clubs." (GWA Lita Dal Porto, POG, GA issue, 1962 .
1940 . The girls and assemblies concentrated their efforts on making Rainbow better known to the Masons and Eastern Stars who sponsored them. .