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Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!

By: Kassie Lee

Grand Worthy Advisor, 2006

If you could be any color crayon, what color would you be? Think about it for a minute. In all the times I have asked or have been asked that question, the popular answers have always been colors such as macaroni and cheese yellow, or caterpillar green, those not-so-ordinary points on the spectrum that we all choose to be because they are different and noticeable. Not once, though, have I ever heard the answer “white”. Of all the colors in the Crayola Big Box, the white crayon is the one that gets the least use. After all, what good is a white crayon against a white piece of paper? Even though it gets little or no use, the white crayon still looks used and beat up because it's always the one that gets pushed around into the deepest comer of the box to make room for the bright vibrant colors that get continuous use and are always being pulled out and put back. Though the white crayon never did anything to deserve this sort of treatment, don't feel bad for it. It's just waiting for its chance to shine-that day when all of the other colors will fade away against the dark sheet of paper beneath them. Even the most wonderful colors will be of no use and only a foundation of white will allow them to shine. Take your white crayon and draw a few thick lines on a dark sheet of paper. Now, take a brighter crayon and color over the white. You can see the color now, can't you?

Think of all the white crayons in your life. These are those people who are there for you when you need them, and when you don't—the people who would do anything at any time for anyone and never ask for anything in return. They are the people who lead you to your successes and stand back with a smile on their face while you prosper. In my fife, these are people like my parents, who allow me to pursue my all my interests, though they are certainly plentiful, and never take an opportunity away from me. Other white crayons include Mrs. Martin and my Advisory Board, for without them, there is no way I'd be in the position I am today, my two best friends who never cease to amaze me with their compassion, love and support, and my teachers, who served as more than just teachers, but as advisors, mentors and support systems during my years in high school. Without these people, and many others, I would never be where I am today. They served as my foundation against a dark sheet of paper and allowed me to be seen where otherwise I would have simply faded away. Not only that, but they allowed themselves to be covered by my color and never fought for recognition or acknowledgement.

Now, think about the white crayons in Rainbow. In your local assemblies, these are your Advisory Board members who devote themselves to making your Rainbow experience positive. For the Worthy Advisors out there, they are the cores of officers who do everything within their power to make the Worthy Advisor's term of office profitable and pleasant. They are the Masons who sponsor our assemblies for, after all, without them there would be no International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. In our Grand Assembly, our white crayons are our Grand Deputies, Grand Executive Committee Adults, Directors and those adults who bare no title but serve on committees year round to keep California Rainbow running strong. Without these people, we wouldn't have camps, wouldn't have Grand Assembly, and wouldn't have the memories we do now. Rainbow is and will always be a girls' organization, yet it is our adults who lead us to become Grand Officers, compete at ritual, sew and show, talent and poetry competitions, serve our communities and become talented, successful young women.

Maybe you are a white crayon, a person who receives little recognition, but works hard behind the scenes to keep the gears running smoothly. You don't expect to be thanked but when you are, it makes all the difference in the world. Last year, one of Shannyn's speeches was about the time she helped a girl in her assembly plan her Installation and, on that day, sat back and watched as this girl achieved a dream... One week later, Shannyn received a thank you for her efforts and it meant so much to her that she kept it and used that story to inspire and encourage girls throughout California, in that situation, Shannyn was a white crayon and the gratitude of just one of the people she assisted was truly appreciated and remembered.

We all have white crayons in our lives and we all serve as white crayons to other people from time to time. For some, life is about supporting others and never taking any glory, reward, or recognition. If we all know how great it feels to be thanked, why don't we do' it more? Take a few moments and write a list of all of the white crayons in your life. Then, find a creative way to say thank you. Send them a handmade card, treat them to lunch or simply surprise them with a hug and sincere, look ‘em in the eye ‘thank you’. Then, do what you can to serve as a white crayon in the lives of others. Find a way to remind yourself to serve. Mine is a white crayon mounted just above my bedroom door. I see it every morning and it is a constant reminder of the person I want to be. Find out who you want to be, pursue that dream, but know that while most of the time you may be a brilliant red or orange, sometimes it's necessary to step back and use your talents to allow someone else to be stand out and be successful.

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