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Supreme Deputy in California

Mrs. Dana Regier

Past Supreme Deputy

Mrs. Bernice Dyke

California's Supreme Officers - past and present

Dedicated to serving California Rainbow.

1925-1938 Mrs. Kate M. Nichols 1925-1933 Supreme Deputy
1933-1939 Supreme Inspector

Irving Berliner Special Deputy

1938-1950 Mrs. Cornelius P. Cooper 1939 Provisional Deputy
1946-1951 Supreme Inspector
1948- Supreme Religion
1950-1968 Mrs. Florence H. McDonald 1950 Supreme Mother Advisor
1951-1954 Supreme Deputy
1954-1968 Supreme Inspector
1962- Supreme Religion
1964-1965 Supreme Faith
1965- Supreme Hope
1967- Supreme Worthy Associate Advisor
1968-1973 Miss Barbara Campbell 1969-1974 Supreme Deputy
1973-1980 Mrs. Bernice M. Dyck 1974-1980 Supreme Deputy
1980-1989 Mrs. Lois Cook 1980-1989 Supreme Deputy
1988 Supreme Inspector
1989-2006 Mrs. Anna Lind 1988-1990 Acting Supreme Deputy
1990-1998 Supreme Deputy
1998-2000 Supreme Inspector
1998-2000 Supreme Nature
2000-2002 Supreme Drill Leader
2002-2004 Supreme Love
2004-2006 Member - House of Gold (no office)
2006-2006 Supreme Chaplain
2000-2014 Mrs. Sara Lee Martin

2000-2008 Supreme Deputy
2008-2014 Supreme Inspector
2010-2012 Supreme Love
2012-2014 Member - House of Gold (no office)
2014-2015 Supreme Confidential Observer

2014- Mrs. Dana Regier 2014-        Supreme Deputy