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These are the adults that help the girls make California Rainbow happen.

Assistants to the Supreme Officer and Volunteers.

Assistant to the Supreme Deputy Mrs. Shannon Major
Grand Assembly Office Assistant Mrs. Vickie Garcia
Grand Assembly Office Assistant Mrs. Norma Cornell
Grand Assembly Office Assistant Mrs. Janet Gustafson
501 (c) (3) Advisor Mr. Tony Garcia
Typesetting & Printing Mrs. Ellen Griffin
Membership Awards Chairperson Mrs. Dee Keck
Financial Advisor Mr. Edmund Smith
Advisor to the Grand Choir Mrs. Lauren Pinnella
Advisor to the Music Team Mrs. Dina Myers
Assistant to the GEC Treasurer Mrs. Iva Butler

Grand Directors.

Grand Director of Grand Officers Mrs. Denise Warren
Assistant Grand Director of Grand Officers Mrs. Debbye Rosenthal
Grand Director Emeritus Mrs. Pat McBride
Director of Alumni and Past Grand Officers Christine Woodworth
Tour Director Jeff Dotson
Director of Talent Cindy Murphy
Assistant Director of Talent Sara Bauer
Director of Ritual Competition Tricia Parker Palmer
State Pledge Director Mrs. Carolyn Davis
Northern California Pledge Director Mrs. Carolyn Davis
Southern California Pledge Director Mrs. Vickie Garcia

Grand Executive Committee.

Chairman Mr. Richard Hopper
Secretary Mrs. Pat Gewin
Treasurer Mrs. JoAnn Stern


Mr. Jim Redman Mr. Jeff Dotson
Mr. Simon Diaz Mr. Jeff Askins
Mrs. Ann Goodman, Mother Advisor Mrs. Janice Kirkley, Mother Advisor
Mrs. Donna Drivere, Mother Advisor Mrs. Shelly Picinich, Mother Advisor

Pot of Gold Staff & Communication Connection

Pot Of Gold Editorial Advisor Mrs. Jan Warney
Pot Of Gold Circulation and Business Manager Mrs. MaryAlynn Fallon
Communication Connection Advisor Mrs. Pat Gewin

Camp Directors

Northern Camp Mrs. Laura Askins
Southern Camp Mrs. Debbie Maiman

Web Site Committee & Social Networking

Technical Advisor Jim Dole
Rainbow Alumni Website Coren Andrews
Go CA Rainbow Website Jim Dole
Comittee Member Bob Spindler
Social Networking Jodie Ranzinger

Rainbow Foundation Trustees

President Mr. Max Rush
Vice President and 501 (c) (3) Advisor Mr. Tony Garcia
Treasurer Mrs. Pam Piscitelli


Mr. Richard Hopper Mr. Jim Redman
Miss Jade Ho Mr. Bill Lind

Rainbow Girl Representatives

Samantha Thomson, Simi Valley Assembly Karina Mash, Roseville DeRiemer Assembly

Scholarship Committee

Chairman Mr. Dennis Conwell
Mrs. Mary Ann E'Golf Mrs. Kim Sargent Hickok
Mr. Paul E. McCleary Mr. Bill Lind
Mrs. Crystal Thomas Sutton  

Leadership Team

Miss Samantha Paige Forcum, PGWA Miss Jessica Regier
Dejah Urbanovich Miss Laura Karoly
Mrs. Tracey Tyler Newell Miss Tiana Tinsley
Mrs. Laura Askins Miss Caroline Gill, PGWA
Mrs. Divona Roy Miss Becky Stoltz
Becca Holley (active girl member) Heidi Johnson (active girl member)

Public Relations Team

Mrs. Vennie Deubler, AGD Mr. Mark Read
Mrs. Victoria LaMar-Haas Mrs. Shannon Penny Major (team leader)
Mrs. Kelly Martin Mr. Bob Murphy
Mrs. Jodie Ranzinger Mrs. Pat Kramer
Mrs. Karen Brust Miss Jessica Fallon, GWAA 2013
Mrs. Laura Bouwens Nicollette Clark, GWAA 2014
Mrs. Deborah Winn Emily Crowley, GWAA 2015

Sigma Tau Alpha

State Director Mrs. Pat Gewin
Chapter Advisor - .
Chapter Advisor - .

Additional Grand Adults

Membership Team Miss Samantha Paige Forcum, PGWA
Miss Caroline Gill, PGWA
Institutions, Re-Opening & New Assemblies Consultant Mrs. Leslie Stineman