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How to start Pledge

Starting a Pledge Group is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. The Rainbow Girls of the Assembly will vote to sponsor a Pledge Group.
  2. The required Sponsorship form will be completed and sent to Mrs. Dana Regier, Supreme Deputy for approval.
  3. Find that special lady to be your Pledge Mother.
  4. Find two girls between the ages of eight and eleven and you now have a Pledge Club!

It is that easy!

When you have eight Pledges you are ready to institute your group. There is no time limit on how long you can be a Club. It can continue on for as long as it takes to have enough members to institute a Pledge Group.

The benefits of sponsoring a Pledge Group are many. Assembly members have younger sisters and neighborhood friends to share a Rainbow and Pledge experience with by participating in installations, fund raisers, membership drives and service projects. When these girls reach the age of 11, they are all ready to continue the community service and fun with Rainbow they were shown in Pledge. This is a great way to gain new members for the assembly.

The Pledge Directors have many tools to help you with starting and running your own pledge club or group, including meeting agendas, installation and institution scripts, medical forms, permission slips and applications. The most important resource is the Memory Book. It includes all of the memory work and the floor work that the Pledge Groups will need to perform Installation, Initiation, Regular meetings and other ceremonies.

If you are interested in starting a Pledge Group in your area please contact one of the Pledge Directors.
State and Northern California Director: Carolyn Davis
Southern California Assistant Director: Vickie Garcia